How to link your Trezoro account with an emailing platform

Learn how to link your Trezoro account to your emailing platform

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  1. Set your login credentials in the Trezoro backend (if you haven't already). Click your email address and go to Account Settings. Here you will need to nominate a password to access your Trezoro account. Click Save.

  2. Once you know your login credentials you need to click on this Zapier link invite.

  3. Accept the link invite to start building a zap.

    *NOTE: Create a Zapier account if you do not have one yet.

  4. Click the CREATE ZAP Button.

  5. Look up the Trezoro app by using the search function.

  6. Under Event, select New Customer. Proceed to next step by clicking Continue.

  7. Zapier will now ask for your Trezoro login details.

  8. Click Test Trigger. Now select a sample Customer. After which, click Continue.

  9. Look up the marketing tool/app you want to link your Trezoro account with.

  10. Under Event, select Add/Update Subscriber. Then click Continue.

  11. You will also need to login to your marketing tool account.

  12. Select the correct fields to match that from your emailing platform with Trezoro.

  13. Click Publish Zap. Don't forget to rename your Zap accordingly.

  14. Your Trezoro account is not linked to your emailing platform. Any new customer added in Trezoro will be added to your emailing platform. Note that newly added profiles will a few minutes to reflect on your emailing list.

  15. You may also create a Zap to add your new customers from your emailing platform to your Trezoro database. Note that if you edit an email address in your email list, this will create an additional profile in the Trezoro back end.

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