How do I link my loyalty program across my multiple locations?

Find out how you can link your loyalty program across multiple locations?

Trezoro Loyalty + Rewards
Written by Trezoro Loyalty + RewardsLast update 1 year ago

If you have more than one store in your business you can share the loyalty program across the locations. This means that customers can earn and redeem against the same plan in all of your stores!

Of course, if you prefer to keep the rewards separate across your locations then that is also possible! If your locations (different Merchant IDs) are linked under a single Clover dashboard, it could not be easier, simply download the app from the app market in the web dashboard for each location and they will automatically be linked together.

If they are under separate owners, do not fear! We can still link them together, just send us an email on or give us a call and we will help you with the set up.

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