How do I upload my logo?

Here's how you can upload your logo in the Trezoro dashboard.

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Written by Trezoro Loyalty + RewardsLast update 2 years ago

Your logo/business image is used to custom brand the reward balance emails that go out to your customers. Please note that there is an image size restriction of 800KB and the file format needs to be a .png or a .jpeg.

In order to upload your logo, in the Trezoro dashboard from the menu on the left select "Settings" and then "Locations and Images"

On the next screen you will see that your location(s) information has been pre-populated. Simply press the upload button that appears in the column titled "Location Image" and then again in the pop up that appears: 

Select the file that you wish to upload and then you will have the option to rotate the image, if you do not need to do this select "Done with rotation" and then crop the image as required. Save.

If you ever need to change the logo, simply click on the image and you will have the option to replace the current image with a new one.

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