I'm not sure how to structure my rewards. Do you have any advice?

Here are some tips to help you structure your Trezoro loyalty programs.

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If you are new to loyalty marketing a simple points or punchcard program is a great place to start! Points will work for any business but punchcards are only really suitable for some businesses, below are some examples of programs that are delivering results for our merchants.


If you are uncertain, here is a sample points ladder that can work well for any business and caters for those who like to save their points as well as those who like to spend as they go:

Customer earns 1 point per $1 that they spend and can get the following rewards.

OPTIONAL: 50 points = small free item ( that you sell for $2-$3)

100 points = $5 store credit

250 points = $15 store credit

500 points = $50 store credit

The great thing about using store credit discounts or free items is that you are in total control of the discount.


If you have an item (or a group of items that cost roughly the same amount) that people buy regularly and repeatedly, a punchcard can be a good option. This is why they are popular with coffee shops and quick service restaurants:

It's important to consider what you are willing to give away, so here's how it works out:

10th item free = 10% discount

9th item free = 11.1% discount

8th item free = 12.5% discount

7th item free = 14.2% discount

6th item free = 16.7% discount

5th item free = 20% discount

Remember with Trezoro, rewards can also be discounts ($ amount or percentage).

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