How do I make sure that all transactions are recorded properly?

Here is how to make sure that your customers are getting the right amount of points from their transactions.

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Written by Trezoro Loyalty + RewardsLast update 2 years ago

To make sure that customers are awarded loyalty perks, see to it that the pop-up reminder is enabled in the Trezoro app.

Under settings, tick the box that says Show a reminder popup to use Trezoro on each order. Then hit OK

When this feature is enabled, you should be getting a reminder popup to use Trezoro every time a customer makes a purchase. This will allow you to record all transactions of all your loyal customers and to make sure that they are getting the right amount of points without needing to adjust their points in the backoffice.

The Trezoro app will open. Now select the customer by either searching for an existing one or creating a new customer profile.

Upon selecting a customer profile, it will now bring you back to the check-out screen. Once the payment is processed, a message will pop up saying that the transaction was successfully recorded.

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