How do I redeem a reward from a customer account?

Here's how you can redeem a reward from a customer account.

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Once a customer has earned a reward and is ready to claim it follow these steps to complete the redemption:

1) Start and take the order on your Clover device as you normally do and press pay

2) BEFORE closing out the sale launch the Trezoro app and select the customer

3) From the Claim section (shown below), select the number of items being claimed and press "Done".

Please be aware that you will only see this section if there is a reward ready to claim and you will only be able to select up to the number available. 

4) Select the specific item in the window that pops up and press "Ok", if the reward is a $ or % discount you will not need to do this.

5) The item will appear on the bill as a free item or if it is a discount then that will be automatically applied to the order. Closeout the sale (ALWAYS do this, even if the value of the transaction is zero). This is when the customer's account is updated.

Here are tutorial videos on how to award redemption from the different rewards program.

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