How do I use Trezoro on my Clover device?

Find out how do you can use Trezoro on any Clover device.

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Written by Trezoro Loyalty + RewardsLast update 1 year ago

1) You can start the order from Clover Customers, Dining/Tables or Register. Take the order on your Clover device as you normally do and press pay.  

2) BEFORE closing out the sale launch the Trezoro app. If you are using Clover customers the account will be pre populated. If you start the order in register search for and select the customer.  

3) Look up an existing customer or add new ones. Mandatory fields are First Name, and either a Phone or Email Address.

4) Hit SELECT at the bottom of the screen to select a customer profile. You will be returned to the payment screen.

5) Close out the sale, once the purchase is complete the points and punches will be automatically added. You will see a small confirmation message flash up on the screen.

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