How to Set Up a SMS Campaign

Send an SMS blast to your customers to announce a promotion/new product.

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Written by Trezoro Loyalty + RewardsLast update 2 months ago

1. Log into your Trezoro dashboard, go to Campaigns>SMS* campaigns.

2. The next screen will show you the SMS campaign page where you can see your remaining SMS credit, the summary of all the campaigns that you have created and its status. To create a new campaign, click Create new SMS Campaign.

3. Type-in the message then select the customers and hit send SMS campaign.

4. A pop-up screen will appear, please take time to read and hit confirm.

Don’t forget to check the SMS Opt-in checkbox on the Trezoro App when signing up customers to support the SMS feature. Also, there's no need to include the country code when adding a phone number, as it will not be recognized by our system.


NOTE: Unused SMS expires after 30 days

*Due to carrier restrictions, SMS campaigns may be unavailable for businesses in the vape, tobacco, and CBD categories.

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